How the process works

We offer a safe, environmentally friendly, and easy process to help you get rid of your e-waste. Express Electronics INC, takes your once valuables and treats them like our own to by carrying them securely and efficiently through the following process:

1. Get in Touch

Ready to recycle your electronics? Schedule a pick-up with us and we will either come to your location or invite you to drop the materials off.

2. Items are received

While keeping it as segregated as possible, we pack it up in rolling bins and bring it into our facility.

3. Private information is destroyed

First, we sort and weigh everything according to the line item. Next, we understand that there is data still lingering in some of your tools and/or machines. We ensure this sensitive data is erased so if the item is refurbished, nobody can access the previous information.

4. Items are broken down

We dissemble it piece by piece so the parts can be separated and categorized according to their size, weight, material, and purpose. Any given item can have anywhere from 6-7 different components to 18-20+ components. We will not send you an invoice until this process is complete since values can range from $.20/lb to $40/lb. but the most common range is $1.50-$7.50/lb.

5. Materials are distributed accordingly

We have worked with the same buyers since the beginning of business and the furthest anything goes is Massachusetts. The majority is handled here in NH through buyers that have all the proper ISO and E-Steward Certifications and provide Certificates of Destruction and Recycling.

6. Material is recycled

If materials can not be placed into other machines or electronics then we will recycle the parts accordindly. Some items we pay for to have processed or brought to various partners for shredding and further processing.

Recycle today for a better tomorrow.